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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Should We Buy Into The Rumors Mini IPad?

Rumormongering in Apple products is a version of the technology world of fantasy football, with a rumor of emerging almost every week. IPad Mini Rumors have been very popular this summer, but calmed down a bit as people have made Apple did not release another iPhone in 2011. Now, just a few weeks from the date of release fire official Amazon Kindle, rumors began to stir again.

So should you buy or sell this rumor?

In 2010, Steve Jobs dismissed the idea of ​​a 7 "tablet as dead on arrival, adding that the smaller size was not ideal to handle with your fingers. Apple is also known for their loyalty to a single drawing. In spite numerous rumors in several models of iPhone, the iPhone has remained true to its one-size-fits-all philosophy except specific support models understandable.

However, the iPad is the iPhone. The iPad is already divided between 3G and Wi-Fi only models with the main reason is to give a price break to those who simply do not need or want 3G. An iPad with a smaller screen size, the last chip and stripped of unnecessary extras to support dual-chamber could open a new audience of people seeking access to the App Store IOS, but do not want to pay $ 500 for the privilege.

During an earnings call with analysts, Tim Cook, Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his successor, "the lack of concern for the Kindle from fire." We have seen more competitors enter the market to try to compete with the iPad , "he said, adding later:" And I think it's fair to say that none of them get any traction so far. And indeed, like all of these competitors in the market, our participation has increased, so that in the June quarter, according to IDC, who were responsible for three of the four tablets sold. "

While the iPhone and the fire of light have been linked in the press, is really two very different teams. Fire is the answer to the Amazon Kindle Barnes and Noble Nook, which shares similar specifications. And while the iPhone is aimed squarely at the portable netbook market, after having killed all but the first, the Amazon Kindle the fire is to sell more products from Amazon, e-books and music video.

When possible, look at the iPad Mini, it is important to use the fire as the base period. Apple is not worried about the tablet Amazon. And while a smaller screen iPad could be a way to contain costs, iPad Mini is not tied to a smaller screen size. "Mini" could refer to the "lite" version of the iPad, without tension and without a high price.

Therefore we believe the hype? Are we buying or selling?

I have for sale right now. The iPad Mini is still a longshot. No doubt, this is something Apple is looking closely - with and without the smallest screen size - but kick the tires are completely different things than buying a car. Right now they are just window shopping.

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